Best -in class class modular UPS ensuring business continuity

ABB’s DPA UPScale ST S2 is a modular UPS designed for low-medium power

applications. The UPS offers all-in-one power protection solution that includes
frame, UPS, battery and communications. The system delivers power
protection from 10 kW to 200 kW in a single frame and growing mid-size
infrastructures, it can be paralleled horizontally to increase the capacity up to
400kW.This fully scalable and easily maintained UPS gives you unparalleled
uptime and energy efficiency.

Further highlights
Decentralized Parallel Architecture
99.9999% (6 nines) availability
Redundant capacity (N+1) per frame
Full vertical and horizontal scalability up to 400kW
Best-in class efficiency performance 96%
Small foot print with maximum power density 472kW/m2
Fast maintenance and seviciability

With DPA technology each UPS module has its own independent
logic control
control panel
static bypass

DPA UPScale ST 40 – 200 kW
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