PCS100 AVC, 150 kVA to 2.4 MVA

Protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from power
quality events

Product overview
The ABB PCS100 AVC is an inverter based system that
protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from
voltage disturbances. Providing fast, accurate voltage sag
and surge correction as well as continuous voltage regulation
and load voltage compensation, the PCS100 AVC has been
optimally designed to provide equipment immunity from power
quality events on the AC supply network.
Available in load capacities of 150 kVA – 2.4 MVA, with
higher powers available on request. The PCS100 AVC has an
operating efficiency exceeding 98 percent.

How it works
The PCS100 AVC is a three phase low voltage product which
corrects voltage sags, phase angle errors, unbalance and
surges, while providing continuous voltage regulation. The
PCS100 AVC requires no energy storage as it draws the
additional current required to make up the correction voltage
from the utility supply.

User benefits
– Small Dimensions (Footprint)
– High Reliability
– High efficiency
– Low Cost of Ownership
– Commonality of Spares
– Low Maintenance

– No energy storage required
– Correction of under and over voltages, even with
regenerative loads
– Rugged overload capability
– Ethernet connectivity
– Modular construction
– Simple user controls

What makes PCS100 AVC better than alternative solutions
– Small Dimensions (Footprint)
– High Reliability
– Integrated bypass
– Industrial grade
– Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
– No energy storage
– Low Maintenance
– High Efficiency

Generic performance
– Continuous regulation of three-phase utility voltages between
90 percent and 110 percent
– Partial correction, three-phase sags down to 30 percent
remaining voltage
– Partial correction, single-phase sags down to 0 percent
remaining voltage
– Correction for voltage phase angle errors created by faults in the
– Correction of voltage imbalance from utility supply
– Attenuation of flicker voltages in the utility supply

Data center
AVCs protect data centers and supercomputers for flight
simulators, research institutes and the film industry. For
example, Weta Studios which has produced movies like Avatar
and Lord of the Rings and supercomputers like, the National
Institute of and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand.

Painting and welding robots of car manufacturers in Europe and
Asia are protected by PCS100 AVCs.

Sensitive tooling and machinery
The semiconductor and display industries have the most
sensitive processes. ABB have hundreds of MVA installed
at leading companies like, ASE, Toshiba and many others

Regenerative loads
PCS100 AVC protecting regenerative loads such as, lifts
and cranes. One example is the Hong Kong airport, in the
container terminal.

Medical equipment
Waiting lists and expensive high tech equipement force
clinics to ensure highest availability. An example is Samsung
Healthcare, who are using 300 kVA and 600 kVA PCS100
AVCs to protect cancer treatment machines.

Fiber and film production
PCS100 AVCs protecting processes like carbon fiber
manufacturing for airplanes, textile fiber for sportswear eg
lycra and film manufacturing, either for packaging or display
applications across four continents.