System power range 100kW -3MW
Conceptpower DPA 500
Conceived for medium-sized and large data centers, ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 modular
uninterruptible power supply (UPS) fulfills power requirements from 100 kW to 3 MW and
provides maximum availability for those who aim for zero downtime as well as a low cost
of ownership.

Total vertical and horizontal scalability
The Conceptpower DPA 500 delivers power protection from 100 to 500 kW (one
to five modules) in a single cabinet (vertical scalability). Cabinets can operate in
a parallel configuration to build a system of up to 3 MW (horizontal scalabiltiy).
Total vertical and horizontal scalability
The advanced UPS design of Conceptpower DPA 500 provides the highest
degree of protection in critical applications where the load must be fed with
quality power. This UPS system utilizes decentralized parallel architecture and
ensures the highest level or reliability and availability with true redundancy
across the modules.

Further highlights

  • 99.9999% (6 nines) availability
  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • Replace or add modules with no downtime)
  • Short mean time to repair
  • No single points of failure
  • Cost effective “right-sizing”
  • Scalable up to 3 MW
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Up to 96% true online efficiency
  • Eco-mode efficiency ≥ 99%
  • Small footprint / high power density
  • Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
  • Low input harmonic distortion (THDi < 3.5%)
  • Efficient service concept
  • Simple power upgrade
  • Fast maintenance
  • Reduced spare parts needed
  • Full front access