PCS100 UPS-1, 150kVA to 3000kVA
The ABB PCS100 UPS-I is a high performance high efficiency
UPS system that ensures protection from power quality
events, enabling continuous power supply to modern industrial
To supply continuous power during utility events the PCS100
UPS-I uses a modular energy storage and inverter system.
The energy storage is either batteries or ultracapacitors
with the choice of technology dependent on the autonomy
required. Battery systems can deliver autonomy up to several
minutes. Ultracapacitors provide seconds of coverage for short
power quality events, which are the most common problems
encountered. Ultracapacitors have extremely high power
density and long lifetime resulting in a very compact and low
maintenance solution.
Harsh electrical environments are often found in modern
industry. The PCS100 UPS-I uses a robust high speed power
electronic disconnect switch to interface from the utility to the

load. The modular inverter construction and failsafe electro-
mechanical bypass provides the highest system availability.

Coupled with the small footprint and easy serviceability, this
low maintenance, high efficiency industrial UPS is the solution
for all power protection applications.

Semiconductor fabrication, test and assembly lines
Flat panel and LCD production lines need to be in operation 24/7 in order to meet today’s demands. ABB have installed many UPS-Is, that amount to hundreds of MVA at leading companies like, Samsung and many other LCD manufacturing plants worldwide.

High-speed packaging lines
Voltage variations in high-speed packaging lines cause major disruptions. The PCS100 UPS-I is protecting many high speed
packaging lines, including a dairy operation in Washington DC, that produces several million “one time use” plastic coffee
creamers per day.

To ensure that production at multi-billion dollar companies is not brought to a standstill by power failures, voltage sags and
other electrical disruptions, power protection is needed. ABB’s PCS100 UPS-I is protecting major medical suppliers like B.Braunfrom such events.

Cable manufacture
Contact manufactures such as ABB’s specialist cable factory at Karlskrona, Sweden know the impact of an unplanned shutdown on their operation and invested in two high capacity UPS-I. The UPS-I secure the factory’s operations against seasonal weather related utility disturbances along with less predictable voltage events caused by accidents.

Data centers HVAC and servers
PCS100 UPS-Is protects data centers and servers from voltage sags and surges. For example, the PCS100 UPS-I is supporting one of the Swiss government data centers with
emergency power supply and a major data center based in Memphis, USA.

Aerospace application
Carbon fiber is extensively used in the aerospace industry. The PCS100 UPS-I protects the production of the carbon fibers,
ensuring quality and yield requirements are met. Carbon fiber is the base fiber for all carbon composites.