• PowerWave 33S 60kVA/60kW
• PowerWave 33S 80kVA/80kW
• PowerWave 33S 100kVA/100kW
• PowerWave 33S 120kVA/120kW

ABB has always set global standards in uninterruptible power
supply (UPS) solutions. The latest generation of PowerWave
33 Series 3 continues ABB’s tradition of applying stateof-
the-art technology to UPS products, and delivering the
best combination of energy efficiency and overall power
performance in the industry.
Offering maximum power protection, the PowerWave 33
Series 3 (S3) has a small footprint and uses less energy
than comparable products – thus delivering significant cost
savings for the user. The PowerWave 33 S3’s exceptional
design meets all the modern requirements involved in building
and operating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
centers. The PowerWave 33 S3 employs transformer-less
double conversion UPS topology and is available in ratings
from 60 to 120 kW.
–– Small – to medium-sized data centers
–– Office and building power protection
–– Process automation
–– Other critical processes


– Reliable double conversion UPS ensures the critical load
is never affected by utility disturbances.
–– High, 96 percent efficiency in double conversion mode
reduces running costs without compromising reliability.
–– Space-saving mechanical design has a footprint of only
1/3 m² and front-to-top airflow allows installation against
the wall.
–– Front service access reduces time needed for maintenance.
–– Up to 10 UPSs in parallel can give additional capacity
and/or redundancy.
–– Integrated system – this UPS has a maintenance bypass
switch, single or dual input feed configurations as well as
other features, integrated into the system.
–– Highly flexible battery configuration supports usage of
42-48 battery blocks in a string. This allows optimizing the
battery and reduces the need to oversize.

Perfectly reliable
The PowerWave 33 S3 has true online double conversion
technology that continuously conditions incoming power to
eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics, ensuring
that the critical load is at no point affected by any utility

Highly efficient
Top-of-market 96 percent efficiency in double conversion
mode reduces running costs without compromising reliability.
This UPS has a very flat efficiency curve so high efficiency is
reached at low load levels.