• T-10K33LV2 10kVA/10kW
• T-15K33LV2 15kVA/15kW
• T-20K33LV2 20kVA/20kW
• T-30K33LV2 20kVA/30kW
• T-40K33LV2 40kVA/40kW
• T-60K33LV2 60kVA/60kW
• T-80K33LV2 80kVA/80kW


True double conversion with DSP technology
Double conversion between input/output, battery and
bypass are totally isolated power line noise, spike and
transients, keeping power faillure awayfrom your critical loads.
Output power factor 1
For critical applications, this 3-phase online UPS
with output power factor 1.0 ensures higher efficiency
and advanced performance.
• Active power factor correction in all phases
Power factor correction is active in all phases and
it can improve the efficiency of input.
• 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
Lock output frequency at 50Hz or 60Hz to suit power
sensitive equipments.
• ECO mode operation for energy saving
ECO mode improves the efficiency up to 98% to cut
energy usage & cost. In this mode, loads are supplied
by the mains directly. While mains faillure, the UPS will
constantly supply the power to the connected device
without any interruption.

• Emergency power off function (EPO)
In case of any emergency and fire, the EPO control mechanism
can instantly shut down the system.
• Optional parallel operation with common battery
The system can be operated in parallel, increasing the capacity
and performance. Besides, this parallel UPS system can share
common battery packs which might greatly reduce the expense
and reach the same performance up to 6 units.
• Smart battery charger design to optimize battery performance
This UPS is equipped. with 3-stage charger for optimize
battery performance. This feature extends the useful service
life of battery and optimizes battery recharge time.

5” touch LCD for T-10K33LV2 – T-80K33LV2 models