• Conceptpower DPA (10kVA-250kVA)
50 kW – 1,500 kW

The Conceptpower DPA is a high-power, modular
UPS system designed for today’s critical high-density
computing environments. The UPS is built using true
online double conversion technology and delivers highquality
power. When combined with complete network
integration software and communication connectivity,
the Conceptpower DPA provides a comprehensive,
easy-to-integrate power protection for data centers and
network environments.

The Conceptpower DPA is based on ABB’s unique and
proven Decentralized Parallel Architecture DPATM. DPA means
that each UPS module contains all the hardware and software
required for full system operation. They share no common
components. The major benefit of a DPA system is very high
power availability. Each UPS module has its own independent
static switch, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel
and battery charger. Even the batteries can be configured
separately for each module if required. With all of the critical
components duplicated and distributed between individual
units, potential single points of failure are eliminated. System
uptime is further maximized by the true safe-swap modularity
of the modules (easy replacement during system operation)
which allows the simple addition or removal of modules
without the need to bypass the UPS.

Conceptpower DPA modules can be connected in parallel
configuration to provide redundancy or to increase the
system’s total capacity. The Conceptpower DPA delivers
power protection from 10 to 250 kVA (one to five modules)
in a single cabinet. Cabinets can operate in parallel
configuration to build a system of up to 1.5 MVA.

Further Conceptpower DPA highlights
•  Power density of up to 342 kW / m2 saves floor space
•  Near-unity input power factor and low input harmonic
distortion reduce running costs
•  Safe-swap modules maximize availability and minimize
upgrade costs